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If you're interested in new media writing, you might also like to visit The Hyperliterature Exchange, a reviews site I ran for some years (2002-11).

Frog-o-Mighty and the Glass Pot front cover image Frog-o-Mighty and the Glass Pot, 2023. My new comic book. Frog-o-Mighty is collecting shutting-up phrases in a glass pot, and hypnotising anyone that gets in his way. What's he up to? Can anybody stop him? To buy it on Amazon click here.
The Treasure Beneath the Hill front cover image The Treasure Beneath the Hill, 2023. A sequel to The Puzzle Box. When Dora goes to stay with Grandpa Jack for the holidays, she is dismayed to find that his house, which stands next to the Church, is about to be demolished. To buy it on Amazon click here.
The Chicken with Pink Toes front cover image The Chicken with Pink Toes, 2023. Pippa the chicken gets her toes painted pink, and it turns her into a superstar! Co-written with Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis (who actually used to paint her chickens' toes pink when she was little).
Frog-o-Mighty and the Ice Lollies front cover image Frog-o-Mighty and the Ice Lollies, 2022. A spine-tingling tale of world domination and drinks on sticks! In a spell of blisteringly hot weather, Frog-o-Mighty is cutting down all the trees and feeding them into a machine that makes ice lollies. The more trees he cuts down, the hotter it gets and the more ice lollies he sells. Can anyone stop him before he melts the whole world into a gooey puddle?
A comic book/graphic novel for anyone aged five and up. Available as a book from Amazon here.
The Goblin and the Cupboard front cover image The Goblin and the Cupbord, March 2022. A pretty girl called Lucy has lost her favourite photograph; a naughty boy called Ryan has lost his favourite book; and a monster called Grok has lost his dead rat. The author has also lost his story. Four intertwined tales about the human world, the monster world, and a goblin who steals things from both; plus a collection of funny poems with black and white illustrations. For children and adults.
The Fisher Prince front cover image The Fisher Prince, by myself and Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis, Dec 2021. There was once a prince who was only interested in fishing. When his father commanded him to get married, the prince decided to host a great ball, themed on fishing, to find his bride...
The Long Grass front cover image The Long Grass, by myself and Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis, May 2021. Alice’s mother warns her not to go into the long grass. But her friend Peter the Hare promises to look after her – so she goes anyway…
Greyhoound image The Greyhound Murder, a non-linear murder mystery. Originally designed in 2005 using Macromedia Flash, but rebuilt in HTML in January 2021.
Blackbird image Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, an animated, interactive version of Wallace Stevens' famous modernist poem. Originally built in 2007 using Macromedia Flash, and now back working more-or-less as it used to, thanks to the open-source Flash player emulator built by the wonderful community at Ruffle.
The Goose Money Box front cover image The Goose Money Box, May 2020 - Martha is saving up to buy herself a puppy. She asks for help from a goblin, who gives her a magical goose money box. But when she puts in money, it flies out of the window!
The Christmas Robins front cover image The Christmas Robins, January 2020 - a story about three robins who go in search of Christmas, co-created by myself and Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis.
I'm a Parsnip front cover image I'm a Parsnip!, January 2020 - a light-hearted look at the transgender experience, telling the story of Penny the Carrot, who comes to the realization that actually she's a parsnip. There's also a short video based on the book on YouTube - https://youtu.be/Y5G-b6xb-Ps.
Cake Maker front cover image The Cake Maker of Transylvania, September 2019 - a ghoulish love story, for slightly older children and adults, by myself and Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis, about a vampire cake maker who bakes women's hearts into his cakes to make them tastier.
Pilchards front cover image Pilchards, November 2018 - a funny picture-book about teasing, for children aged four and up, by myself and my lovely friend Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis. Now available from Amazon.
The Creation image The Doubter's Mysteries, a cycle of sceptical Mystery Plays (plays based on Bible stories), 2018-19. This is now also available as a book from Amazon.
Croonervirus image Dr Hairy in: Croonervirus (2020):
  • Part One: Dr Hairy is on the receiving end of millions of very urgent emails about a mysterious virus; and then he suddenly find that all his toilet paper has disappeared - with hilarious results!
  • Part Two: Dr Hairy attempts to get himself some personal protection - with hilarious results!
  • Part Three: Mrs Hattersley presents Dr Hairy with some questions about Croonervirus - with hilarious results!
  • Part Four: The prime minister, Jorrocks Bonkinson, is interviewed about his handling of the croonervirus crisis - with hilarious results!
The Stream front cover image The Stream: four tales and a Reflection, April 2020 . My new picture book: fifteen photographs, all processed in one way or another, accompanied by five short prose pieces, each 55 words long. Now available from Amazon.
QCQ image Dr Hairy and the QCQ, the third series of Dr Hairy videos, first published in 2017.
Mr Punch image The Calamitous Tale of Mr Punch, a puppet-animation based on the traditional Punch and Judy story, first published in 2016.
Christmas Carol image Dr Hairy, Series 2, the second series of Dr Hairy videos, first published in 2014.
Gilgamesh image Gilgamesh, a puppet-animation based on the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, first published in 2013.
Job's Comforters image Job's Comforters, a poem-video based on the Biblical Book of Job, first published in 2013.
And image And, Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North and South, abridged by the unusual method of leaving out all the important bits (2011).
London Churches image London Churches, fiction/prose-poetry and pictures, based on a number of visits I made to churches in the City of London (2009-11).
Dr Hairy image Dr Hairy, series 1, the first series of satirical puppet-videos about a fictional GP struggling to cope with life in the NHS (2010-11).
Puzzle Box image The Puzzle Box, a magic-and-mystery story for children, with interactive elements (2008-9).
Frog-o-Mighty image Frog-o-Mighty, an animation in three parts, based on a game I played with my daughter Rachel using the ornaments on our living-room window-sill (2006). Two young chicks become embroiled in the machinations of an evil frog and his penguin sidekick.
dragonface image An Unimportant Story, a non-linear story in four parts (2006). A father gets his daughter ready for school. The daughter invents a tale about a dragon and a goose. The mother fantasises about attracting other men, and worries that she might have cancer. An old man who lives across the road reminisces about someone he met in the British Library.
banana image Banana Story, short animation (in Flash) based on an idea from my daughter Rachel (2005). A banana reads in the newspaper, to his horror, that monkeys eat bananas; and he sets off to find out for himself whether it's true.
chick image Chicks, short animation (in Flash) based on another idea from my daughter Rachel (2005). A Welsh choir of chicks has its rehearsal disrupted by Big Chick's determination to sing a solo.
Linesland image Linesland, short animation (in Flash) based on yet another idea from my daughter Rachel (2004). A nice game of noughts-and-crosses is disturbed by the unwelcome arrival of a Scribble Monster.
Flowerstory image Flower Story, a story for children with pictures and animations (2003). A little girl gets turned into a flower by a wicked cat-lady.